Where to dine in Stellenbosch

The whimsical and enchanting town of Stellenbosch is renowned for its unmatched beauty. The mature oak trees and white-washed Stellenbosch guesthouses, retaining the Dutch homestead style, line the broad roads and bubble over with a charm unlike any other. As the second oldest town in the country, its history peeps through at every turn and the little student town has since become a popular tourist destination. With the amount of students and tourists permeating the area, everyone is spoiled for choice when it comes to eating out – here is an eclectic mix of eateries to visit while in Stellenbosch:

Student Favourites

Die Mystic Boer

Directly opposite the Law Faculty at Stellenbosch University you will find Die Mystic Boer, a lively and cosy bar located on Victoria Street. Students love ‘Mystics’ for its lunch time specials and ridiculously cheap drinks. They serve an array of foods such as burritos, ribs and their specialty, pizzas. Their nachos pizza is said to be positively delicious.

The Brazen Head

Just a few steps away from Mystics is The Brazen Head, an authentic Irish restaurant and pub that reflects the festive mood that the Irish are known for. With an extensive selection of beers on tap, ‘Brazens’ is well known for its relaxed, homely space. Here you can settle down with a beer and some hearty Irish pub food and participate in watching your favourite sport – preferably rugby since it is Matieland after all.


In the centre of the historic town is Beads, a quaint restaurant that is styled with international inspiration. The food offered is nuanced with a contemporary touch that combines classic cuisine with a medley of modern flavours. Inside you will find cosy fireplaces and plenty of windows for natural light, making it a perfect venue for any season.

Tourist Favourites


Like the name suggests, the building of Oude Werf located in Church Street was established in 1802, making it South Africa’s oldest hotel. Its refined hospitality and fine dining principles exude a quiet charm that can immediately be felt as soon as you enter through the vine-covered coffee garden. The graceful ambience of the Georgian styled building favourably complements the traditional and international menu. Enjoying a meal and a glass of wine at this venue is unforgettable and the immersion into total luxury is unparalleled.


Just a short drive outside of the town centre or from your Stellenbosch guesthouse is Moyo, located at the acclaimed Spier Wine Estate. This established restaurant celebrates authentic African cuisine and advocates an exceptionally soulful surrounding. Here you can sample eats from an expansive buffet to be enjoyed under sprawling stars or in one of their famous tree houses.

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