Wang Thai

Wang Thai is one of my favourite restaurants, known for its decadent, tasteful ambience and subtle flavour combinations. I love Thailand, it’s one of my favourite holiday destinations and I find that as soon as I taste Wang Thai’s cuisine I am transported straight back to the pristine, glimmering beaches and turquoise seas where I spent many a happy hour lazing in the sunshine.

The talented chefs have perfected the art of Thai cooking, fusing delicate flavour combinations together in order to entice your palette. Breathe in the intoxicating aromas of lemongrass and spices and, as you taste your first mouthful, revel in the complex blend of sweet and sour. Here, East meets West and the result is a full tummy and a contented grin.

Thailand’s culinary past roots back to the 13th century, when the country was influenced by Chinese Preparation methods, as well as Portuguese, Dutch, French and Japanese influences in the 17th century. One of the things I love about Wang Thai is the fact that they really want you to have a memorable dining experience and to thoroughly enjoy your meal. To this end, you can order your food exactly as you like it regarding its level of spiciness and heat, so if you are afraid of hot curries, never fear, just order your meal mild.

So what’s on the menu? The sushi is out of this world – the Yappy Maki is my favourite: avo and cream cheese, wrapped in smoked salmon and sesame seeds, while the Hot Rock ‘n Rolls are also a rocking good choice, with spicy tuna and avo inside, topped with tuna, avo, mayo, caviar and dressed in spring onion, seven spice and teriyaki sauce.

For starters, my boyfriend and I always share the same thing – the scrumptious chicken satays served with a tasty peanut sauce and the duck spring rolls, which are crispy and fragrant. The Taud-Man Khao-Phod is also delectable, consisting of moist sweet corn cakes accompanied by a sweet chili sauce.

I find the extensive menu overwhelming – everything sounds so delicious that it’s hard to choose what to eat. Last time I tried the Geang Panaeng Gai, which is a sumptuous chicken curry, with a creamy, coconut and peanut sauce. My boyfriend tucked into his usual favourite, the Gai Nam-Phung, which is crispy-coated pieces of chicken breast fillet, flash fried and served with a generous coating of Wang Thai’s famous honey sauce. If you order a side of noodles to go with this, it’s an instant winner.

If you can still manage dessert, you can choose from an enticing election of exotic Thai wonders, or opt for a cup of coffee to round things off.

Another wonderful thing about Wang Thai is that you can have your own delicious meal delivered straight to your door. Simply pick the dishes you feel like, phone and order and soon you can sit in your own cosy dining room, munching happily with your family and friends.

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