Top hotel restaurants in South Africa

Cape Town hotelsOne&Only (Cape Town)

The One&Only is the epitome of luxury – the accommodation and cuisine are true testaments to this statement. Here, you will be able to indulge in the gastronomic delights of not one, but two world-renowned restaurants – Nobu and Reubens. Nobuyuki Matsuhisa is a culinary wizard – he is the master of a plethora of cuisines and his food is guaranteed to send your taste buds on an enjoyable, memorable journey. This is a “must-eat” restaurant for Mother City visitors and locals alike.

Cape Grace (Cape Town)

The Cape Grace is world renowned for the unsurpassed opulence that it exudes. At this ocean-side haven, there are three different restaurants, all of which should be pencilled into your daily schedule. Firstly, there is a dedicated Afternoon Tea establishment where chocolate biscuits and delectable scones and cakes are abundant – not to mention the world-class selection of teas. Signal Hill Restaurant will allow you to indulge in what can only be described as eclectic creations, but make no mistake; you will be coming back for more.

For those who enjoy a drink and pleasant conversation with friends and family after dinner, then reserve your spot at Bascule Whisky and Wine Bar. Everything about this bar spells comfort and relaxation. With its plethora of single malt whiskies and wines of every variety, this is definitely one of our top class Cape Town hotels in a league of its own.

Hyatt Regency (Johannesburg)

Much like the abovementioned Cape Town hotels, the Hyatt Regency’s reputation precedes itself – it is unlike any of the other Johannesburg hotels. There are many Johannesburg hotels that are aimed at the discerning guest, but this establishment takes this concept to a completely new level. Their restaurants, called Zaff Restaurant and Lounge and NdaU Lounge and Terrace, have been dubbed two of the finest cuisine establishments in the country. The latter boasts the largest French champagne range in the City of Gold, which may be complemented by their signature tapas menu that allows guests to choose their own food.

The official website comments that, “Zaff is a stylish, modern fine dining restaurant that is the sensation of Johannesburg, offering a menu reflecting the inspired cuisine that is the trademark of this superb restaurant.  Seeking its inspiration from all over the world, the dishes are eclectic, offering the discerning guest a variety of cuisine from around the world, with a unique South African flair.”

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