Sticky Fingers

There is something absolutely wonderful about eating good, wholesome, hearty food with your fingers and then licking succulent sauce off your fingertips. Sticky Fingers offers just that – food that you can tuck into from the get go, which you have to eat by hand and which makes you emit lip-smacking noises in between satisfied silences.

The trendy restaurant is based in Observatory and claims to ‘satisfy the hungriest night owls,’ offering fantastic food all day and late into the night. The ambience is laid-back and well-suited to the upbeat hustle and bustle of the buzzing Obz Streets.

If you’re in the mood for take-aways and you’re craving the best ribs and burgers in town, then all you have to do is pick up the phone and order your pick from the quirky restaurant’s enticing menu.

There are a number of scrumptious burgers on offer, satisfying both hungry carnivores and vivacious veggies: the bacon cheese burger is said to be the best in Cape Town, topped with crispy bacon and oozing with delicious cheese, while the veggie burger will tempt even the most ardent meat-lover with its sumptuous patty and sizzling sauce.

Sticky Fingers is renowned for its ‘bone-sliding, grilled and glazed, baby-back ribs,’ which are rumoured to have made many a grown man shed a small tear of joy. You can choose from a selection of rib combo options, including the rib and wing combo, rib and calamari combo and rib and spicy sausage combo. If you’ve got lots of hungry mouths to feed or you’re in the mood for a challenge, order the deluxe or supreme platter.

The chips are fried to perfection and the delightful crunch of the onion rings is like music to the ear. Order the mixed platter and enjoy smoked sausage, coupled with deep-fried wings, calamari and fries.

Sticky Fingers is one of Obz greatest treasures, offering a tantalising selection of mouth-watering meals, which you can now enjoy at home, through the convenient delivery service.

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