Snacking in the Southern Suburbs

The southern suburbs of the Mother City are highly sought after by those who are in the market for a property that will prove to be a lucrative asset, but one that can also truly be called a ‘home’, providing sanctuary and solace. The former and the latter are brought to fruition in the suburbs of Constantia and Tamboerskloof.

Peddlar’s on the Bend

Peddlar’s on the Bend is far more than just a classy restaurant and pub – it’s an institution. The welcoming white building first opened its doors in 1993 and, 20 years later, still attracts a plethora of patrons.

The large courtyard serves as the perfect spot where friends may meet up after a long week and relax with an ice cold drink and a scrumptious meal. The ‘Garden and Bar’ menu features an array of tasty starters such as fresh black mussels and sizzling sirloin – the choice is yours.

Tasha’s in Constantia Village

Although known primarily as a shopping centre, there are also some exquisite restaurants that are frequented by Constantia residents. One of the perennial favourites is Tasha’s, which presents a charming atmosphere. Their claim to fame is the wide variety of breakfast options found on their menu, which boasts a certain air of eclecticism. Whether you want to be conservative and indulge in the classic English breakfast or seize the day and opt for a chorizo omelette or mascarpone French toast, one thing is for sure – you will not leave with the lingering hunger with which you entered.


Tamboerskloof is known for its multicultural, cosmopolitan lifestyle and Rafiki’s Restaurant and Bar can be characterised as the place that encircles the Mother City’s way of life.

As it is not too far from Cape Town’s CBD, it is constantly filled with young professionals enjoying time away from the bustling work world. The menu embraces the atmosphere of the suburb as it serves up a diverse array of meals that will satisfy every palate. The rustic setting combined with the joyful ambience is a welcome respite from the general chaos of the city centre.

The restaurant is also known for its plethora of specials and events that occur throughout the week. If you are a burger lover, ensure that you pop in on a Tuesday for their burger special or if you prefer a mouth-watering pizza at half price, let Monday be the day of the week to spoil yourself.

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