When the world was struck by the healthier eating wave, many restaurants added a more intensive salad selection to their menus. However there was one chain of restaurants who rose to the challenge and offered nothing but healthy food on their menu. Kauai has quickly become a household name and offers food lovers healthy alternatives to traditional fast food.

Using the freshest ingredients and promoting a healthy lifestyle are two things that Kauai pride themselves on and it’s because of this that the health fast food restaurant has become so popular, with a branch on every corner.

Kauai has managed to make eating healthy delicious and interesting with a combination of flavours that some wouldn’t dare to mix in their own kitchens. Wraps are filled with avo, feta, chilli, humus, and thai curries while sandwiches enclose delectable flavours such as Caesar chicken and pecorino. Traditional favourites such as burgers are given a healthy spin too with ostrich patties replacing beef ones while lattes are given a chai twist.

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The most well-known item on the Kauai menu is probably the smoothies and the optional addition of immune boosters, wheatgrass and swopping out the banana for some vanilla sorbet, if you so wish. However it’s not only the menu that inspires a healthy lifestyle, as the interior of the restaurants is very ergonomic and is decorated in a way that promotes the use of natural materials and leaves visitors with a feeling of calm.

The restaurant bases its personality of the island life, a theme that runs deeply throughout their look and feel and extends in a large part to their food. Sit down and enjoy a meal in the cool island inspired interior or order a take out and give your home a health kick.

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