How do you like your sushi?

Sushi is the universal comfort food that fits between two little chop sticks. Many believe these mounds of seafood delight to have magical effects on the soul. The perfect ratio between ginger, wasabi, avo, rice and seafood is an important balance that many struggle to perfect. One establishment that gets it right everytime though is Bamboo Sushi Lounge.

This traditional Japanese restaurant found in Gateway is where those in search of the perfect sushi in Durban go to sit back and relax and enjoy well known sushi platters consisting of well-known and loved fashion sandwiches, nigiri and sashimi. They even often the lesser known Gunkan in a variety of non-seafood related varietals such as chicken and mayo, pepper beef nigiri and can add cheese to any of the seafood Gunkan options.

The restaurant itself is very casual and laidback while still Japanese in nature with small details that make you feel as though you just might be in one of the main streets in Japan itself. Enjoy sushi selections off their conveyor belt or alternatively enjoy a take-away with all the trimmings. 


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