Eat while sailing down the Breede River

Life is slow along the Breede River which makes it a popular place for fishermen. Its tranquil surrounds are a welcome escape form the hustle and bustle of busy city life. There is a group of people who knows this better than anyone and that’s the crew of the Kolgans River Restaurant.

This unique restaurant gives people the chance to enjoy a 2 hour trip down the Breede while dining on authentic and delicious Afrikaans food; a wonderful experience if you are staying in one of the nearby Breede River Lodges. Take a break from the world and relax for either brunch, lunch, sundowners or dinner onboard this boat and enjoy traditional delights such as baked eggs in tomato and onion stew , seafood, grilled to perfection steaks, potato dishes, quiches and traditional desserts.

Each meal is accompanied by fresh farm baked bread as well as  home made cheeses, freshly churned butter and preserves and jams from the cook’s personal fruit trees. All the ingredients are of the freshest quality and very locally sourced. Everyone sits at the same table which is down the centre of the boat – the table fills up almost as quickly as your tummy will so booking is essential.

Breede River

The Breede River

The restaurant is named after the Afrikaans name for the Egyptian Goose, Kolgans and does 2/3 trips daily. You are welcome to bring along your fishing rod; you may just find some carp or bass at the end of your line. The hosts for each cruise and meal, Captain Frans and Captain Renee will keep those not engaging in a bit of Breede River Fishing company while sailing up the serene Breede, watching the natural splendour float by.

The chefs pride themselves on the fact that they have no chefs diploma and make no use of recipe books or even a measuring cup. Instead their food is based on traditional dishes that have been passed on down through the generations. The food is served without glamour and instead bread is broken around the table, providing the feeling of sharing a family meal, but instead of being at home, you are enjoying this food on a boat.

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