Dining in Green Point

So, you are staying over in a wonderful self-catering unit at a popular Cape Town B&B; while self-catering has its perks eventually you and your travel companions will have the urge to explore Cape Town’s variety of exciting restaurants. The area of Green Point offers a selection of excellent bed and breakfast accommodations and wonderful dining experiences and seems to have a never-ending pulse of happiness pumping through it with new locations popping up every day.

But if you haven’t been to the area before, you might struggle to find the exact type of restaurant to suit the cravings of your taste buds. In Green Point you’ll find the greatest sushi, a delicious burger and the most tremendous cocktails. You should simply know where to go:

The Greatest Sushi:

For the best sushi in town there is no other place than the legendary Beluga. Situated at The Foundry on Prestwich Street, this seafood restaurant is perfect any night of the week. But be aware of the sushi specials, on theses nights you better have a booking and make sure you get down to Prestwich Street as soon as possible. Beluga offers an array of seafood dishes and also has various poultry and meat dishes available for those patrons who have a yearning for something else rather than a mountain of rainbow rolls.

The most Delicious Burger:

There’s just something about a bun, a patty, some lettuce, a piece of tomato, tangy gherkins and whatever sauce that is just so extremely delicious that we’ve established restaurants that revolve around these amazing creations. And out of all those restaurants, Hudson’s in Green Point is by far one of the greatest burger joints in Cape Town or even South Africa – or maybe the world? They have a huge variety of burgers which are by far some of the most interesting burger toppings ever known and with each burger you can have fries, salad or wedges. Hudson’s is situated at Portside Mall on the corner of Somerset and Upper Portwood Road and booking a table is always a good idea.

The Tremendous Cocktails:

Cocktails and Green Point go hand-in-hand and you can be guaranteed that you’ll find them around every corner. Café Sofia, La Vie and El Burro are just some of the places where you can treat yourself to amazing cocktails of all tastes and variations while staying over at your Cape Town B&B.


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