Cattle Baron

There are few chefs who can look at a beautiful cut of meat and know exactly what needs to be added to it to ensure its flavoursome while still affordable for any meat lover. The chefs over at Cattle Baron are part of the select group of people who lovingly baste delicate cuts of prime meat and serve it up accompanied by firm favourites such as chips, mash, rice or baked potato.

Like most good food, the secret is in the secret itself and at Cattle Baron, the secret basting sauce is what keeps carnivores coming back for more every time. Of course the interior of the restaurants themselves only add to the whole experience with their upmarket interiors and while you may be scared to mess a bit of that secret sauce on the table cloths, there’s no reason to worry, it happens more than you’d expect. Besides, you’ll be licking most of the delectable flavours off your fingers rather than wiping them on any white surfaces around you.

Cattle Baron  Mr Delivery

The famous Cattle Baron ribs.

Choose from Cattle Baron’s wide variety of flame-grilled steaks, grills and ribs or opt for a sizeable burger smothered in a sauce of your choice and filled with toppings to suit every palate. Visit one of the many Cattle Barons around South Africa with your family, or simply have your meal delivered to your door if you don’t fancy using a finger bowl when eating your ribs.

While the meals on offer are predominantly for meat lovers, Cattle Baron also serves up a good couple of salads, vegetarian options and seafood meals, ensuring everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy the flavours that come out of the kitchen. Dessert lovers will be particularly pleased with the rich traditional flavours of caramel, vanilla, chocolate and butter fudge but don’t be surprised if you find yourself unbuckling your belt in order to fit them in as the portions are healthy and will only leave you raiding the fridge a few days later in search of something resembling that unforgettable Cattle Baron taste.

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