Catch the caffeine culture

Walk out onto one of the streets in your neighbourhood. Look left and then right. Chances are you have seen at about five or more coffee shops. Around you people stand, grasping their coffee cups; their aid to get the day started. What about your office? More than half of your co-workers’ desks are home to plastic cups housing coffee. The deduction is that we are definitely living in a coffee-centric world.

From the cappuccino’s humble beginnings in South Africa during the nineties as a nouveau riche pick-me-up, it has now been elevated to an integral part of people’s lives. Nowadays, the artisan culture of our contemporary society has created a lifestyle around coffee. Cape Town is known as one of the ‘coffee capitals’ with diverse organisations, barista contests and roasteries as much a part of the landscape as the fynbos. If you’re a coffee rookie or addict, here are some places you should stop at and discover the caffeine culture first hand.


Truth has a band of loyal customers who swear by its organic coffee.  Indeed, Truth’s jokingly refers to their members as the ‘coffee cult.’ In addition, the descriptions for the coffee blends are hilarious. Their Donde’s Chaos blend reads: ‘If you aspire to be: a megalomaniac, the dictator of a small oil-producing country or the charismatic leader of a cult, then this one is for you. Coffee for the crazies inspired.’ You can become one of the coffee cult at 36 Buitengracht Street, just don’t ask for sugar!

Deluxe Coffeeworks

Stroll into the Deluxe coffee bar at The Yard in Roodehoek Street or their flagship store in Church Street and you’ll think you’re in an LA skateboarding video. These guys may look like they’re from a Hedi Slimane photoshoot but their tattooed arms are skilled in the art of milk frothing and espresso making; they ensure a top quality cup of coffee every time.  A main verb Deluxe Coffeeworks uses is ‘passion,’ which is evident in their love of good coffee, good music and bustling atmosphere.

Anthony’s Golden Cup

One man and his unassuming café on Loop Street were the pioneers before all the trappings that came with the modern coffee culture. The proprietor, Anthony Swartz, has been in the coffee business for more than 45 years, with all the passion and expertise one could hope for. While the bright, young things of coffee have their way, Anthony has his. Here the beans are all on display, an impressive variety including Guatemalan, Kenyan, Columbian and many more. From these, he will make you your own unique blend; leaving you with a better knowledge of how coffee is blended.

Even if you aren’t a big coffee fan, don’t miss out on the fun and interesting culture coffee provides as well as the welcome spring in your step.


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