A Pleasant Visit to Kloof Street

A visit to Da Vinci’s on Kloof Street promises to be a special one; and in a city where we sometimes struggle to find that one restaurant where we experience amazing food, excellent service and a wonderful atmosphere ‘special’ is saying a lot.

Walking into the restaurant you are immediately struck by the extremely friendly atmosphere; a fair amount of tables are scattered across the main seating area, perfect for huge families or groups of friends gathering for a long lunch or an amazing night. But it’s the outside deck that proves to be most popular as it’s situated right on the trendy Kloof Street, overlooking all the hustle and bustle of Cape Town city life.

The restaurant has the friendliest of staffs that make you feel right at home; they are well trained and know their menus and restaurant well. Managers are attentive and on top of things, always making sure that you are having the best Da Vinci’s experience possible.

But even though the atmosphere and the friendly staff are enough to make you stick around the real factor that makes Da Vinci’s what it is, is its food. They’re famous across Cape Town for their wood fired pizzas and the hype is definitely no lie; these thin based pizzas are made of fresh ingredients and consist of a unique variety. A popular addition is the Van Der Merwe pizza with biltong, peppadews and feta – you can’t get any more South African than this.

Da Vinci’s is also popular for its variety of burgers which are served on a lightly toasted fresh sesame bun with relish and a garden salad with either a beef, ostrich, chicken or vegetarian patty. Their “Burger in a Bowl” is an interesting addition to this already great menu – get your burger without a bun on a delicious bed of garden salad with added avocado, rocket, sprouts and healthy toasted seed mix.

There are plenty of other interesting mains, delectable desserts, salads and great cocktails and milkshakes to make this a place for everyone. Da Vinci’s will even bring its delicious food to your front door as they also deliver to the immediate areas around the city area.

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