10 reasons why we love coffee

Hipster drinking coffeeFor many, coffee is not just a beverage – it’s a friend and trusted colleague. Whether it’s served in plastic cups, coffee cups or a leather boot, everyone from fatigued varsity students to CEOs enjoy nothing more than indulging in a delicious cup of java. If you need further convincing, here are the top ten reasons why we love coffee:

1 ~ Caffeine. Lots of it. Getting up in the morning is never easy. Getting up in the morning without coffee is darn near impossible.

2 ~ Coffee Beans smell great. Roasted, toasted or raw – there’s just something about that coffee bean aroma that intoxicates the nostrils and warms the soul.

3 ~ Such Variety. From Arabica to Jamaican Blue Mountain beans, the coffee enthusiast has an enormous range of exotic blends to learn about, taste and talk about at dinner parties.

4 ~ You can enjoy it hot or cold. Iced coffee is incredible – if you haven’t tried it, your quality of life has been poor.

5 ~ A quick fix. Unless you’re brewing your own, a world-class cup of coffee takes very little time to prepare. Furthermore, there’s nothing better than grabbing a quick plastic cup takeaway coffee on the way to work.

6 ~ Coffee shops are trendy. There’s just something about taking a seat at your favourite coffee shop, ordering your favourite blend and reading a newspaper that makes you feel the epitome of ‘cool’.

7 ~ Coffee is a rite of passage into adulthood. There’s something about drinking coffee that makes you feel instantly functional and adult.friends

8 ~ Foam art is Instagramable. Yep, today’s coffee is as photogenic as a toothy toddler, thanks to local coffee shops creating beautiful foam art in the shape of hearts, leaves and more.

9 ~ Coffee is a cold person’s best friend. Nothing warms up a wintery exterior than a hot cup of coffee.

10 ~ Irish coffee. Whisky and coffee go together like an Inuit and snow boots. It’s magical, it’s delicious.

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